Someone and Something

by Rhys Kirkman

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released September 12, 2011

All music and lyrics written, performed, and recorded at home by Rhys Kirkman



all rights reserved


Rhys Kirkman UK

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Track Name: Intro
I will never tell you what to do
I will never force my opinions onto you
I will sing my song
And we’ll all carry on
I’m only doing this to make you smile

I know I can’t make everybody happy
So I’ll always try to be true to myself
I will sing my song
And we’ll all carry on
I’m only doing this to make me smile

Many people have graced this stage before me
And many more will follow when I’ve gone
So I will sing my song
And we’ll all carry on
And I would love to hear you sing along
Track Name: Always You
How long are you gunna hide
Why don’t you get outside
I think you’ll like what you find
You gotta get out and see
All the possibilities
If nothing else then just for me

Soon the clouds will part
And the temperature will rise
And finally I will see
That look in your eyes

So put a smile on your face
Everything will be ok
Nobody likes this time of year anyway
There’s lots of things to do
Things to look forward to
Lots of things for me and you
I never had to choose
It was always you

Do you remember the time
That we just walked for miles
Just to see what we could find
We can do it again
No this never has to end
Theres no one I would rather spend
My time with

I never needed
A single thing that you could never give
I never wanted
Anything anybody different
Track Name: Friday Nights
Its Friday night again
It comes round so quick
He’s been saving his money
All week for this
Working down at the garage
Five days a week
Just so that tonight
He can have a drink

He heads down to the local bar
To meet
The friends that he meets there
Every week
He hands over the money
To buy his first drink
They raise their glasses
And the night begins

The drinks roll in
He’s been waiting all week
He doesn’t care about a thing
No he just wants another drink
And they start to sing
Just like when they were kids
And they raise their glasses
And the night begins

He heads to the night club
In the centre of town
Tonight is a good night
Everyone’s around
He catches up with some old friends
They start to reminisce
About the old times
And a long forgotten kiss

Its closing time
Its the end of the night
Seven days he’ll have to wait

They start the long walk home
Underneath the stars
Down the silent road
Empty of cars
His house is quiet and dark
The clock slowly ticks
As he begins the countdown
Until next week
Track Name: This Is My Life
Its a cold dark night
And the Edinburgh streets are alive
There’s songs in my head
Guitar by my side
I walk out the door
And head into the night
In search of a stage
And a spotlight
A microphone
And anyone who may
Wanna hear what I’ve got to say
Hear the songs that I’ve played
For so long now every day

This is what I want
This is who I am
This is what I want to do
I hope you understand

I wanna travel to the corners of this land
And play these songs anywhere I can
I wanna travel across the seven seas
And spread the sound of the harmonies
I’ve listened to music all my life
Every time I’ve smiled every time I’ve cried
Its helped me through when times are bad
This is my chance to give some back

Its not about people knowing my name
It was never about fortune and fame
Its about doing the things you love
The things you know you’ll never get enough
This is flowing through my veins
Its the only thing that makes me smile when it rains
This is my life
I just want to live it right
Track Name: Romeo And Juliet
I’ll never phone never text never call you again
I’ll never ask you where you’ve been
I’ll do anything anything I can for you
Just give me a call and I’ll help you through

I don’t quite know what to say
I’m trapped in my own Romeo and Juliet
There’s no way I will ever forget
The way I felt when we first met
There is nothing I will ever regret
But now I know just how they felt
In Romeo and Juliet
I’ll be waiting by the phone
If you change your mind just let me know

You never hurt me never put a foot wrong
I’m just so glad I ever met you at all
I’m not leaving no I’m not going anywhere
So if you want me I’ll be here

I’m sorry when I’m selfish
When I do you wrong
I’m just trying to help you along
I’m sorry if I don’t say the right thing
I never wanna push you into anything
I just want to be there when you cry
I’ll hold your hand and try to make you smile
We could happy all the time
If you just let me make you mine
Track Name: Suit And Tie
He always wanted to be a success
He only ever said yes
Back then we didn’t see
The man he would later be

At sixteen he worked nine to five
And I think he knew

He was gunna wear a suit and tie till the day he dies
Cheating his way and telling countless lies
He’d do anything to get what he wants
Forever trying to reach the top
He’s got his fancy cars drinking in posh bars
His salaries much bigger than ours
He needs someone to spend it on
He looks around and his friends are gone

For a while everything was good
He’d come out whenever he could
And anyone who didn’t approve
He’d win them over with a pint or two

He seemed to have the balance right
But I think he knew

You can spend your whole life
Trying to make a better life
You can spend all day
Planning for a new day
But everybody knows

He had a wife and a couple of kids
He didn’t realise what he did
He stopped caring about
The only thing in his life that counts
And now he sits in his house alone
He spends all day checking his phone
But it never rings
No it never rings
Track Name: Never Fade
Its been a while now
Since I came to see you
Its been a while now
Since I even spoke of you
But our lives
Are changing so fast
Its hard to find the time
To look at the past

But don’t you think
That I’ve forgotten your face
Because some memories
Never fade

As we move on
Move on to something new
We’d never be the same
If it weren’t for you
And I hope
I hope that you’re looking down
And I hope
I hope that you’re proud
Track Name: My Simple Dream
I spend my whole life looking forward to the next step
I think its important to think about what’s next
You have to dream and have something to aim for
One thing’s for certain you can always want more
I don’t dream a rock n’ roll dream
Of sex and drugs and a champagne stream
I live a simple life with simple pleasures
A quiet pint is my buried treasure

I want a house in the country
Get away all
All the busy people
In city walls
I want a beautiful wife
And a couple of children
I can watch them grow
Surrounded by freedom
I want an old guitar
With a new set of strings
And the money to buy
My wife diamond rings
And we can take the dogs out
For walks in the sun
Just a few more years now
And I’ll be done

My feet are itching and I’m twitching
To get out there and find some meaning
I want to see the world and what it has to give
So I can choose a nice place to live
A place by the sea with sun and sand
So I can watch the sunset over this land
Soon to rise again for another day
I want it all and I will find a way

All of this could be mine
Anything is possible
If you be in the right place at the right time
You can have whatever you want
Anything is possible
If you want it and you work for it
Track Name: The Company Of Memories
I travelled four hundred miles to find somewhere new
Sick of the old except for a few
A fresh start a new home
So many people I felt so alone
Enjoying the company of memories
Momentary flash backs of the way it used to be

Your false hopes
Your false promises
Your false idea of what the fuck we are doing here
I want someone to talk to
Someone to drink with
Someone who’s got a fucking brain to think with

Its funny how you only remember the best
Save it for later discard the rest
How far do I have to travel
To find someone who’s on the same level
You seemed like the one
I thought I could stop looking but I see now I was wrong

I’m sick of it all but I’m tired of moving
Suppose I’ll stay but I’ll keep looking

And if there’s anybody out there who knows what I’m saying
Who spends their time on their knees praying

For someone to talk to
Someone to drink with
Someone who’s got a fucking brain to think with
I’m sick of your
False hopes
Your false promises
Your false idea of what the fuck we are doing here

Well I’m not promising anything
Let’s talk when we’re sober
But I think maybe there’s a chance
Your search could be over
Track Name: Hitchin Town
I’ve been away for a while now
And I’d be lying if I said
That I’d had a bad time
But I’ve missed so many nights
Mediocre nights
At the other end of the train line

So I’ll meet you round at your place
We’ll get the drinks in before we hit the train

So tonight I’m coming home
Back to the place that I know
We may have gone our separate ways
But let’s hit the town like we did in the old days

I never thought I’d miss this place
But I’d be lying if I said
I hadn’t wished I was still here
There’s a lot to be said
About good company
Conversation and a cold beer

Tomorrow morning will come soon
And we’ll stuck in bed till the afternoon
But as soon as the headache fades away
We’ll get back out there and do it again
Track Name: Thank You
When I was a young boy I used to sing
About anyone or anything
And every time you used to think
That I was singing about you

You used to worry about what I thought
What I thought of you
And I’m sorry for the times that we fought
I never meant to hurt you

You’d give everything to me
To see me happy
But there’s no need
Because you’ve given me everything
I’ll ever need
To be happy
And I can’t tell you what that means
To me

Any problem I’ve ever had
Any decision good or bad
You’ve been there to help me through
To guide me and keep me true

You taught me to pay my way
You taught me how to earn my wage
You taught me to always have respect
You taught me to love and protect
You taught me to think for myself
You taught me to choose nothing less
Than what I want and what I need
You taught how to be happy

Now I’m a grown boy and I sing
About someone and something
And this time I want you to know
This song is about you
I wrote this song to thank you